Rafe Sagarin
Rafe Sagarin - "Issue Challenges, Not Orders"
Ariel Waldman
Ariel Waldman - Hacker Culture
Alex Stone
Alex Stone - Once Is a Trick. Twice Is a Lesson
Dr. Daphne Miller
Dr. Daphne Miller - The Farm as Medicine
Chris Bliss
Chris Bliss - Comedy As Free Speech
Larry Chandler
Larry Chandler - Shakespeare Behind Bars
Rosiland Picard
Rosiland Picard - "Affective computing" hacks human emotion
Hasan Elahi
Hasan Elahi - The quantified self and the need to forget
Peter Sims
Peter Sims - Fail small so that you can succeed big
Can we become great "observationalists?" Five Questions with Maria Konnikova
Can we become great "observationalists?" Five Questions with Maria Konnikova
Can we still solve big problems? Five Questions with Jason Pontin
Can we still solve big problems? Five Questions with Jason Pontin
"Hacking Space"
"Hacking Space" - Five Questions with Ariel Waldman
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Philippe Petit: Just "a long walk on a high path"

Engaging choreographer Elizabeth Streb about whether movement "must be extreme" so "people will notice it as action," Philippe Petit took a different view of exercising suzerainty, of owning the moment. The Artsmeme blog:

In amazingly fluent English, Petit rejoined, 'I never take risks. I’m very tired of those words: risk-taker. dare-devil. I take a long walk on a high path in the sky. That poetry is not extreme — it’s exquisite, enigmatic....'

'I am not chancing my life by walking the wire. I am carrying my life across the wire.'


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How can we lead a good life?
This is the question we have been asking since we have been asking questions.

TiffanyShlain 150Tiffany Shlain’ s new 8 minute film The Science of Character (#CharacterDay) explores what determines your character and identifies core virtues that lead to a meaningful life. The film identifies 24 character strengths (and 7 in particular) that when practiced and developed, could lead to these virtues. Think about it – what are your top 5 strengths and how can you help share other people’s character, too? Character matters. Become the best version of yourself.

Watch, Learn and Enjoy!

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